Why Financial Advisers Should Talk About Social Security With Retirees

David Giertz, a high-level executive in the financial and insurance industries, has sent a warning out to financial advisers in regards to their unwillingness to talk about social security benefits with their clients. He said that this will result in them losing clients, according to a recent survey his company had completed, as well as being a disservice to the needs of their clients who are entering their retirement years.

As a financial adviser himself, David Giertz knows that the social security rules are byzantine and very difficult to figure out. That’s precisely why retirees need help figuring it out from a financial professional, he says. He sees it as the duty of advisers to inform their clients about social security, such as when it’s best to start taking it in their case, because they need this help.

He also points out that the study commissioned by his company, Nationwide Financial, said that most retirees would swap advisers if they don’t get their questions answered about this subject when they call or meet with them in person. Unless an adviser wants to lose clients to other advisers who are more open to having these discussions they’re not doing themselves any good.

David Giertz has worked at Nationwide Financial for several years. Prior to this he was a financial services adviser when he worked for Citigroup, Inc. He has experience with mutual funds, life insurance products, annuities, and retirement plans. He has helped many clients over the years protect their dependents as well as meet their investment goals.

As for the best way to advance your career David Giertz says that by far the most important thing to do is to network with other professionals. He says it’s important to spread your network as wide as possible, not just with those in your own industry. A network built up of people with a diversity of backgrounds is one of the keys to finding opportunities in your career. He says that many of the people he has met who have become part of his network have also become his personal friends which is something that is also invaluable.

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