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When one company purchases another one the clients have both usually great benefits. This is the case for the buyout of GovPayNet, a Financial Corporation found on the internet that was recently purchased by Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies is well known for providing inmates in the prison system with communication solutions that were not available to them before. Technology such as an easy to learn and reliable video chat interface makes communication between inmate and family member an easy and heartfelt process. This technology makes it possible for family members to bypass security checks out of prison, making it a much more secure and safe process. This means that family members of inmates can simply login into the video chat system and speak to them as long as visitation allows.


The company that Securus Technologies purchase, GovPayNet, is well-known on the internet for offering multiple payment methods to customers. The company has always supported other online shopping venues and has relied upon them in the past, although now they will rely solely on Securus Technologies to obtain customers. New payment methods mean that clients at Securus will be able to pay their bills more on time, allowing Securus to offer them high-quality levels of customer service.


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