Securus Technologies Giving Officers an Edge in Prison

One of the things that me and my fellow corrections officers have lost in our prison is the edge to anticipate trouble. Part of the reason has to do with the overcrowded conditions, the other has to do with rival gangs being so close to each other now without those boundaries that used to be in place. Inmates are not only lashing out at each other, they are now trying to get their points across by going after officers, guests, and other prison staff. This year we turned to Securus Technologies to help us get back some degree of order in our jail.


Securus Technologies has been key at helping officers working in prisons to stop violence, and it all has to do with their jail house call monitoring system. This new technology is able to scan every call made on the prison phones by inmates without officers having to sit in that call center to do so. The LBS software will now do all the work more thoroughly, giving any prison the chance to have their full force of officers back on the grounds and taking care of business like in years gone by.


Securus Technologies has this same system in over 2,550 prisons around the country, and the results speak for themselves. We saw a huge drop in violence in the first year of getting our call monitoring system. Case in point, if an inmate asks his elderly parents to bring prescription drugs to the guest center, we remove the contraband at the gate. When inmates get instructions from street-level gang member pertaining to a hit on a rival gang member in jail, we separate the parties and resolve the issue internally.


With more of our team on the front lines now, we feel we have the tools now to stay ahead of issues that could put anyone behind these walls at risk.


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