How Samuel Strauch Adapts His Company To The Evolving Miami Real Estate Market

As the founder and principal of Metrik Holdings in Miami, Florida, Samuel Strauch is very familiar with the area’s real estate market. He first arrived in Miami about 15 years ago and he saw the city as a good place to establish a real estate company. He focused his company on marketing to the many people he knew in Latin America. He sells properties to this network of people who either want to live or invest in properties in the greater Miami area.

According to Samuel Strauch, one of the changes that the real estate is adjusting to is the changing tastes and choices of millennials as compared to earlier generations. He says that the millennial generation is changing the way that people live, work, and get around. His company is generating a lot of effort into investing in companies and projects that appeal to this generation and will be successful with them moving forward.

Strauch has developed Metrik Holdings into a socially responsible company. He says he doesn’t want the company to be just about creating revenue and helping their customers. Rather, he believes that he and his team need to contribute to the overall growth of the area they live and work in. He and his team at Metrik Holdings have been active in areas such as education and fundraising for nonprofits. Samuel Strauch also remains active in the overall exchange of information and ideas on how to improve people’s lives in Miami.

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It was at Hofstra University in New York City that Strauch earned his bachelor’s degree. He had also attended Harvard University and Erasmus University, a college in the city of Rotterdam. After graduating he initially joined the banking industry. After a period of time he moved to South Florida and soon launched Metrik Holdings after that.

In addition to real estate, Samuel Strauch has developed his company into one that is involved in variety of other areas. It also engages in equity sourcing, development of properties, and property management among others. One of the ways he has found to most effectively run his company is through his practice of meditation. He has said that when he meditates it gives his mind a break. He can instead focus on both his professional and personal life and ways to make improvements in both. He finished by saying that there are simply too many advantages to meditating for anyone to not engage in it.

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