How Brown Agency Has Taken Over The Modeling Industry

There are numerous modeling agencies that span across this great nation, but many of them are in some of the biggest of cities. Unfortunately, these regions are cluttered with too much talent. Some of the smaller cities of the United States are making a name for themselves and Brown Agency is no exception. Brown has made a huge impact in this high demand industry. Formally known as Wilhelmina, this company has revamped its image for greater success. Being so closely connected to the Welhelmina Models Network, Brown Agency has already built a foundation and a client base.

Justin Brown, president of the agency, is taking the company to newer and higher levels. The models here are up to par, and they have done a lot of work with some of the biggest of names. This includes Dell, Dodge Ram, Louis Vuitton, HBO, L’Oréal, TNT Network and Toyota. One of the agency’s best features is that it is a combination of models and talent. Being so well-rounded, Brown Agency has spread its talent out across a wide range of industries such as industrial videos, fashion shows, commercials, runways, trade shows, catalogues, film, promotional and corporate events. President Brown has worked his magic brilliantly and the company’s name has begun to ring across the globe. The standards here are very high, which has helped to result in a wide variety of business clients. Everyone is professional and are well-versed. Central Texas has never seen or have experienced anything of this magnitude.

This agency has supplied its talent to some of the biggest events such as New York Fashion Week, Austin Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week and many more. Being so well-progressed, the company holds regular casting calls throughout the year. This is simply a recipe for success and its resume is a true testament of the success. The agency’s website and Instagram page is full of informative material. Curious seekers can see what’s going on within the industry, and they can search for specific models. Who knew that Austin, Texas, would become ground zero for one of the hottest model and talent agency of today?

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