Kate Hudson’s Fabletics And The Power of Customer Reviews

It pays to stand out. With Kate Hudson and the brand she owns and is promoting, Fabletics, being able to stand out can generate a lot of positive reputation for any brand’s growth. In a report from Huffington Post, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, an athletic and leisure clothes brand, this growth is even more successful with the help of the collaboration of singer Demi Lovato.

The brand right now earns a lot of success that since it started in 2013, it has now grown to over an astounding $235 million in revenue, or about 200% growth rate. According to Shawn Gold, the corporate Marketing Officer of Techstyle Fashion Group, which is Fabletic’s parent company, this success comes from how the brand has set itself apart by leveraging the use of customer and user reviews to draw in more crowd.

In the latest Brightlocal survey reports, a staggering 74% of the people interviewed responded that they are more likely to pursue a purchase after reading a series of customer reviews for the product they’re buying from its landing page. Fabletics understands this demand, and that is why it doesn’t stop in guaranteeing that their members will find an avenue to find and make user reviews for all the brand’s gear.

Kate Hudson’s Business Style

Kate Hudson‘s involvement as the partner in Fabletics’ growth ensures that the business’ communication line is always at its most efficient. It is Kate Hudson’s business style to address the communication issues between the brand and the customers that also spearheaded growth for Fabletics. With Kate’s business style, the brand has reached a top rating from Better Business Bureau in just 18 months.

It is also unique to Kate Hudson’s business take to ensure that the brand commits to quality assurance and guaranteed satisfaction to their customers, With Kate’s involvement, Fabletics reached a dramatic growth in 2014 to around a triple of its revenues. Between 2015-2016, the company grew to around 43%. The influence of Kate Hudson will also draw a projected growth this 2017 to around $250 million in total sales. Fabletics draws in today an impressive 1.2 million members for their products, which is a sign that while other retail brands are dwindling, Fabletics continues to see a growth of over 500%.

The good thing about having Kate Hudson as a partner for Fabletics is that she could invest a lot of time in developing the brand since day one. The founders of Fabletic noted that even in reviewing budgets or implementing a fantastic social media strategy, Kate Hudson showed enthusiasm in guaranteeing that the brand keeps up with the trends.

Kate Hudson also uses her creative and artistic skills that got her famous in the movie “Almost Famous” to design Fabletics’ most popular products. Her design aesthetics also satisfies Fabletics’ need to make the designs always fresh and authentic. Kate is even conscious about the sales growth happening every week and what clothes are selling and what are not.

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