Dick DeVos is Highly Philanthropic

Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy have been misjudged by many for their political giving. The couple is criticized for giving too much to political parties and related political agendas. However, what most people forget is that the couple gives more towards charity than towards politics. In fact, statistics reveal that the amount of money Dick and Betsy give for politics is pocket change in comparison to the amount they give towards charity.

To Betsy and Dick DeVos, giving is a lifestyle they developed from their family roots. Case in point, Rich DeVos, Dick’s father, was named by Forbes among the highest givers in history. He and his children gave $104million in charitable donations in 2015. Politically, Dick also has a record for being highly philanthropic. On the other hand, Edgar Prince, Betsy’s dad, who was an industrialist in Holland, was also highly benevolent. He was reputable both in charitable and political giving. Conclusively, Betsy and Dick are genetically coded to give.

Despite the great giving, the couple does not just give for fun; they give towards courses that would change the future of America. Case in point, they claim to love giving towards education as changing the life of a child changes a whole generation. In an interview, Dick DeVos argued that he felt that the old public school system was not permissive enough to the growth of American kids. Consequently, the couple chooses to give to alternative schools: charter and vouchers school. These kinds of schools are reputable for introducing new systems where the students can choose their type of programs. The couple also feels that the old system fails to help students attain the American dream. The couple also realized that most parents who enrolled their students in charter and vouchers school hardly had enough to pay the tuition fees for their kids. Nevertheless, the parents go out of their ways to pay for the children since the schools offer safer environments than the cheaper public schools. As a result, Dick and Betsy help some of these parents to pay the tuition fees in many such schools across America

Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is the oldest song of Rich DeVos, who was a co-founder of Amway Corporation. Dick was accorded a role in Amway In 1974, where he has since then held various positions. In 1984, Dick was promoted to the vice president’s post in the company, overseeing all the operations in the 18 countries, where the firm operated. Richard DeVos wanted Dick to gain the necessary information and knowledge needed to run the company. In 1989, Dick left Amway to launch his business named Windquest Group, which he and his wife co-run. However, in 1989, Dick returned to Amway as the company president leaving Betsy as Windquest’s President.


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