Duda Melzer As The President of RBS Group

While Duda Melzer was then CEO of RBS Group, he implemented many key changes. Besides, he inducted new team members too. He served at this post for 3 months.

Post that; he took over as Executive President of the Group. This was done through a live broadcast that was made to nearly 6,416 employees of the RBS Group at an event in Porto Alegre. His family, as well as colleagues, attended this event.

Previously, he was serving as the executive vice president of this company. He takes over from Nelson Sirotsky, who is the uncle of Duda Melzer. Nelson is comfortable with his nephew taking over as he has full confidence in him. He says that Duda Melzer is focused. He will enhance the objectives of this corporation.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer has always cited his grandfather who was the founder of the RBS Group. He wants to focus on the technological development but without losing on the human element here.

The RBS Group has always fascinated Duda Melzer. This is why it was his dream to manage its affairs at some time in his life. He knows that the company has a major impact on the lives of people.

Before taking up this post, Duda Melzer worked as an executive in the corporation for 10 years. During this time he learned that the RBS Group solves problems by working alongside with its employees who are highly passionate about the work they are doing. He made this information public by reporting it on Portal Making-Of.

According to Estadao, Duda Melzer has worked as the director general of the company. He was looking after the national market. He was also the vice president as he looked after business development. Then he became the executive vice president. His mission is to develop business projects that are sustainable. He is incorporating three pillars of business here. These include business education, besides digital as well as communication. Follow Melzer on Twitter.

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