Wengie Reacts to Some of Her First Videos!


In this video, famous YouTube vlogger, “Wengie”, watches some of her earliest YouTube creations while simultaneously filming her reactions in real time. Wengie views several videos and provides the audience with her thought processes back then versus her thoughts now.


The first video we see is Wengie’s very first trailer. While watching this video, she jokingly criticizes herself for being unable to utilize a perfect writing motion while adding a cursive text effect to the video. In the next video, she seems a little surprised by her voice; stating that she sounds really different now and was probably nervous at the time of recording. It is during this video, that Wengie also offers a chance for the audience to leave comments afterwards, as she asks if people in the US call the objects she is using “pipe cleaners” (They refer to them differently in Australia).


After the second video, Wengie spends a few moments explaining why her videos are so different now, including an increase in confidence and comfort in front of the camera. Wengie then proceeds to show us a video of when her hair was brown and her focus was on filming herself making various treats. Wengie tells the audience that this former self was “cringy”, but she was appreciative of the time and effort she spent on transitions for the video. The vlog ends with Wengie providing another short overview on how her videos have changed since the time she first started. She states she will be doing a similar video the next day.



In conclusion, this vlog by Wengie was really enjoyable. Even though she described her past videos as “cringy”, she provided her fans with her charming personality and a side-by-side comparison between her vlogging style years ago, and the style she uses now. I would recommend this video to anyone who enjoys watching people with cute, playful personalities.

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