How Doe Deere Became Queen of Unicorns

After adding a recent line of colorful hair dyes to her inventory, the Lime Crime cosmetic brand continues to flourish and accumulate a massive fanbase. CEO and founder of the makeup company, Doe Deere, has had much to say about her passion for all things rainbow colored and is currently touted as “The Queen of Unicorns“. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California with her husband and business partner.

Doe Deere was born Russia and lived there until her late teens, She then relocated to New York City at just the tender age of 17 to pursue dreams as a muscian in a rockbandd. Over the span of 14 years Doe lived in Manhattan and Brooklyn. She eventually attended the fashion design school FIT in NYC. Although her music dreams would never be brought to reality, Doe was able to eventually discover her truest passion with makeup. However, Doe states that being a musician taught her invaluable skills such as marketing and a sense of appreciation for an audience.

Doe states that she was always imaginative and ambitious. She recalls her earliest business venture when she was just 13 years living in Russia. She popularized temporary tattoos at her school and sold them to her classmates.

Lime Crime was launched nearly a decade ago out of necessity. Doe states that she found it difficult to find bright, colorful makeup that suited her unique taste so this inspired her to create her own lipsticks and eyeshadows. Doe accumulated a large social media following and connected with others who also shared a passion for bright cosmetics. These followers would eventually become fellow “Unicorns”.

Lime Crime quickly became a profitable company for this reason. It was a niche company that sold products that could not easily be found at major department and drug stores. Despite a security breach from a few years back and facing other obstacles and adversities, Doe’s company continutes to thrive.

Doe has expressed her hopes for her cosmetic line to give people a sense of freedom to express themselves as it has given her. Doe discourages fear of judgement and expresses hope that people will follow their hearts and embrace their uniqueness. She feels as though all individuals should “go where they love“. She stated that an individual can only tap into their truest potential when they live out their passion.

Doe Deere is certainly an inspiration to us all.

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