How Securus Technologies Communications Benefits Society

Many people have found that one form of communicative technology that has been deemed as being a great tool for people in all professions and circumstances is Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies is a program that has given people an opportunity in which they’re able to communicate with someone even if they are incarcerated via methods of video chat sessions. It is a program that has been engineered and designed through an integration of state-of-the-art technology and and elements of networking to allow people to connect with their loved ones through the means of chatting in a video session format.


Securus Technologies is not only enabling people to take advantage of an opportunity in which they can communicate with someone who they may want to talk to through a video chat format, but it’s also giving law enforcement agencies a chance to crack down on any instances of crime that may be going on within the premises of their correctional facilities that they may not have otherwise known about. If certain specifics of crimes are discussed within the conversations, then it’s highly likely that they can be utilized as evidence to begin investigative efforts to put a stop to the crime(s) that may be occurring. Securus Technologies customer service technicians are available to assist and you should know that the program has been manufactured to ensure that it’ll be easy for people to use. Instructions are also provided on the website along with rates for participating in the video chat sessions. Be sure to contact a help desk technician if you would like assistance an they will gladly provide you with an adequate amount of guidance. It’s a type of technology that has taken the realm of communications by storm and should be continued to use to ensure that it is benefiting society in every way that it can.


End Citizens United Pushes To Eliminate Super PACS From Campaign Funding

The PAC group End Citizens United wants to eliminate a Supreme Court decision that gave rise to Super PACs. In 2010 the Supreme Court stated that it was not unconstitutional for a company to give money to political causes since this action was protected under the Constitution’s Free Speech clause.

End Citizens United doesn’t agree with this decision. End Citizens United see this type of freedom to be a very disturbing thing in the world of politics because it allows corporations to fund an unlimited amount of money without disclosing where the money is coming from.

This type of action is known as dark money contributions and dark money is simply donations that given through nonprofit organizations for social welfare and trade groups on Money from this type of source can be funded by corporations, individuals and unions. Once again, these funds do not have be disclosed and anyone can give as much as they desire without having to be identified.

End Citizens United is all about campaign finance reform. They want to ensure that campaign contributions are given in a fair and equitable manner. This organization on wants to level the world of political campaigning to make it more balanced. They do not want just anyone giving money to a political candidate. This will open up too many problems and issues in the world of politics.

One of the biggest fears of End Citizens United is that political candidates will be able to receive funding from various resources that might not be legal. They also fear money being given to candidates through unethical or immoral means.

While there is no real way to guarantee that this will not happen; End Citizens United wants to eliminate the secrecy that Super PACs endorses. This is the first PAC of its kind since it focuses on campaign reform on Facebook. No other PAC has this type of agenda.

Keep in mind that End Citizens United does more than just try to change campaign finance laws they also back certain Democratic candidates for office. They have garnered hundreds of thousands of signatures to try and make these significant changes.

A New Look At Cancer

People enter the business world for different reasons. Some even change their reasons after some time. The main reasons for going into business are to make money or to make a difference. Eric Lefkofsky is one who has done both.

Eric Lefkofsky was born in Michigan. He is the son of a school teacher and a structural engineer. He attended the University of Michigan and graduated in 1991. Two years later he graduated from the University of Michigan Law School.

After graduating law school, Eric and his business partner decided to make the jump into the business world. They made their first purchase and bought an apparel store in Madison, Wisconsin. The duo later went on to create an internet company that sold promotional items.  Read more on

In 2001, the duo created a global marketing company called InnerWorkings. In 2005, they created a freight logistics company called Echo Global Logistics. Eric Lefkofksy has since moved on from both of these companies, but both are still in existence today.

In 2007, Eric Lefkofsky co-founded and was an investor in a company called The following year, the name of the company was changed to Groupon. This company took off immediately and has been popular ever since. Groupon earned the title of being the fastest growing company in history. Eric served for a time as CEO but has since stepped down. He is still a member of the board.  Based on

In 2016, Eric founded his current company. Tempus is a technology firm that has created an operating system. This system is used to analyze blood and tissue samples from cancer patients. The results from samples help doctors to create customized treatment plans. Doctors now have more information as to what is happening inside the bodies of their patients and can treat their patients in a different way.

Eric Lefkofsky has been in business his entire life. He has tried different industries and done well for himself. With his current company, he is attempting to use an alternative route to fight cancer. He and his company are doing what they can to make a difference.


Online Reputation Management Strategies To Boost Performance Of Your Business

Marketing your business online has its share of challenges but once the market responds, this is the best platform for creating awareness. There are many openings online that one can tap into and if the strategy applied is perfect, there will be little interruptions in the running of a business. However, not every person who runs an online-based business understands the strategies that can work to protect and built their reputation.

Getting the right information is the first step to managing the reputation of a business online. You should apply tips that will guarantee returns and keep your business moving. Managing reputation is a process that takes effort and sacrifice, so you need to invest both your time and energy toward the process. Below are some of the things courtesy of that can help to strengthen the reputation of your business.

Search engine optimization

Appearing on the first page of search engines means many people are interested in the products you offer and that the content you update is optimized well to rank for certain keywords. If you are not good at SEO, there are many reputable companies that can help your business to rank well by optimizing your website and content for SEO.

Create presence on social media

Many businesses that have tried social media understand the power the platform holds. There is a lot that one can get from social media if a good strategy is applied. First, social media offers a wide pool of customers and potential customers and the good part is that people regularly log on to their social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. Secondly, with over 1 billion users, you can take advantage of these numbers to clean the reputation of your business. Social sites offer you a way to connect with many people and share vital information about your business.

Regularly update your site

You don’t want users to complain about speed or security when they come to your website. Update to match the most recent properties of websites so you can offer users the best experience and value for their money while browsing for products.

Clay Siegall Continues to Propose New Techniques To Fight Cancer

Clay Siegall is the President, CEO, and the Chairman of Board of Directors of a well-known company, Seattle Genetics. As a founder of the company, he has guided the small startup to become one of the leaders in producing treatment for cancer therapies. The company is specifically famous for producing antibody drug conjugates. Using a broad range of innovative technologies, diverse research, and extensive testing, Seattle Genetics was able to get approval from FDA for its product, ADCETRIS. After the approval of the drug in 2011, Clay Siegall played an instrumental role in marketing and distribution of the product convincing global partners to use it in their clinical research.

Currently, ADCETRIS has become a global brand, which is actively used in scientific research and treatment of cancer in more than 60 countries. Such is the demand of ADC technology that Clay Siegall is able to convince major pharmaceutical companies including Genentech, AbbVie, GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer, to use the ADC license for multiple medical purposes. To secure funding for ADC and other drugs, Clay Siegall has also secured more than $1.2 Billion through private and public financing. His recent research focuses on conducting a Phase 3, or advanced, clinical trial to diagnose Hodgkin lymphoma.

In fact, Clay Siegall is taking a keen interest in fight lymphomas and other forms of Cancer. According to him, the company is actively pursuing research in developing 12 other drugs that can prove important for treating several incurable diseases. Accordingly, another drug 33A is in the pipeline to acquire permission for Phase 3 clinical trials. As for Clay Siegall, establishing new benchmarks for cancer treatment are important, which are reflected in his career, which includes working with Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute from 1991 to 1997 and the National Cancer Institute. Perhaps, Clay Siegall is destined to continue his life-long mission of finding cure for Cancer.

The Success Behind Highland Capital Management in Philanthropic World

Highland Capital Management is a renowned investment firm that has scaled the heights in investment world to be among the most notable entities. The company specializes in different investment field like hedge funds, private equities, financial valuation, corporate opinion and financial advisory services. It has also participated in many charitable organization through its philanthropic arm. Highland Dallas Foundation is a philanthropic and charitable arm of the Highland Capital Management that has been helping communities across the United States of America to prosper. The foundation has granted $1million to Family Place to help it realize the amount be raised by the organization throughout the campaign. While announcing the award, the president of the company James Dondero was very pleased on how the Family Place was helping families acrossDallas. The Family Place is an organization that deals with helping people affected by family based violence. They help them by offering shelter and counselling services that have gone a long way in solving many family related disagreements. He said they were very pleased by the call from the Dallas mayor and head of police department Mike Rawlings and David Brown respectively to help raise the funds. The two departments work hand-in-hand in trying to mitigate the effects of family based violence in Dallas. Texas. The Family Place is headed by Paige Flink who is the chief executive officer who has invested a lot in skills to ensure people affected with family violence find the necessary assistance.

James Dondero is a highly qualified financial investment personality that has been riding on global arena due to his immense contribution in the industry. He has been investing in the financial sector for the past 30 years thus equipping him with the necessary skills and knowledge to propel successful business growth. He specializes in financial management, credit and equity market.

James Dondero has led a successful career at the helm of Highland Capital Management where the company has accumulated over $18billion worth of assets and properties under its management. He graduated with a degree in accounting and finance from the University of Virginia. This has been his building blocks towards a successful management career in property investment and management.

Waiakea Water is Making Wellness, Philanthropic, & Ecosystem Dreams a Reality

Nothing about Waiakea Water is average. The water is derived from the snowmelt and rain that comes from the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii. This community water source is one of the purest around. The volcanic rock serves as a filtration processor for the water. All 14,000 feet of this active volcano allows for a healthy supply of minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium to become a part of the water naturally.

The incredible success of Waiakea reflects the above average way that the company operates- way above average. Waiakea experienced a 5,000% growth once the company hit the three year mark. This is mind-blowing, especially in an industry that’s been deemed as an ‘old boys club’ by the founder.

He established the Hawaiian volcanic bottled water company one year after graduating high school. So how did he do it? This massive success couldn’t have come about without a fresh perspective, and Ryan Emmons, Waiakea’s CEO certainly has one of the most clear views around when it comes to the bottled water industry.

According to Baby Boomster, He developed a brand that Waiakea water carries out to fruition. Focusing on wellness, sustainability, and charity, this is a company that is making a mark on the world in a major way. Their partnership with Pump Aid has allowed them to deliver over 500 million liters of clean drinking water to African villages where contaminated water is becoming more and more of a problem each year.

The mineral rich nature of the water, which hasn’t been tampered with by artificiality, provides customers with delicious tasting, incredibly hydrating water. Their sustainable processes are found at every level. PR News Wire says that even every bottle that is used by Waiakea water is made out of 100% recyclable materials.

Waiakea Springs has become so good at lightening the impact of their carbon footprint on the planet that they have become certified Carbon Neutral. Imagine, a world where all bottled water companies put more good into the world while lowering carbon emissions. With Waiakea on the leading of this, it may be a reality sooner than you think.

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The Importance Of Budgeting With Richard Blair

Budgeting is one of the most important steps one must take in order to reach his financial goals. One thing that can hinder the goals of the individual is his tendency to overspend. However, one thing to understand is that overspending can be very easy, especially with all of the unexpected expenses.

Also, if one loses track of his spending, he is more likely than not to find himself faced with a nasty surprise. This is especially the case for people who make very little money. This is why it is important to look into budgeting. However, it is better to get assistance from someone when it comes to budgeting.

One person who can help with budgeting is Richard Blair Wealth Solutions. Richard Blair’s method of coming up with a budget is very powerful because he is able to look at the household and add up all of the expenses. Then he is also able to factor in the income of the individual or the household.

Afterwards, he can come up with a deal that will help him save money. This involves setting up a rainy day fund. One of the best ways to stay above ground financially is to put aside some money for any use which include emergencies.

According to Manta, one thing Richard Blair Wealth Solutions encourages people to do is work on increasing the budget every chance they get. One of the ways to do that is by avoiding buying any luxuries for a while. For people that are struggling, the worst thing they can do is live even at the edge of their means.

Richard is good at coming up with a plan for the individual that will keep him within his means. The individual could then consider other options such as investing in order to generate more income.

How Harvard-Trained Lawyer Tony Petrello Became A Successful Oil Industry Leader

Tony Petrello is a successful businessman who has used his background in the law and in mathematics to succeed in the oil and gas industry. His education in the legal field and in advanced mathematics have allowed him to see connections between the problems that businesses face and the possible solutions for those problems.

The wide array of skills that he has received from his math training and legal training, skills like negotiation, the capacity to perform complex calculations and the ability to read through the sorts of dense contractual language required to do business with the many partners that a corporation must be connected to in order to carry out its daily operations prepared Petrello to be effective in his role as the Chief Executive Officer and President of the oil and gas corporation Nabors Industries.

Companies involved in the oil and gas business can often find themselves doing business in places that are completely different than the country that they might have first set up their operations in. This can present some challenges to accomplishing the business objectives that a company’s leadership has set for it in a new market. One of the primary challenges that doing business presents internationally is the difficulty posed by a business’ lack of knowledge about how it should structure its operations including hiring employees and even using equipment in a way that is in compliance with a foreign government’s laws. The difference in legal environments can be very hard to manage and requires the attention of professionals that can anticipate these differences and work through them. As a lawyer that has received training from Harvard Law School Anthony Petrello is more than well-equipped to handle the difficulties that an increasingly globalized legal environment can present to companies.

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After he graduated from Harvard Law Petrello went on to work for a law firm that handled cases that fell into the world of comparative business law. Before coming to Nabors Industries Petrello rose through the ranks at Baker & McKenzie law firm where he held a very important leadership position. He eventually ascended to the senior leadership position of Managing Partner at the the New York City branch of the law firm and held the position for five years. After he ended his time with Baker and Mckenzie he would go on to make the transition from the field of corporate law to the world of oil and gas at Nabors Industries.

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Jim Hunt Is Delivering Quality Investment Information At VTA Publications

If you need information on what kind of stocks to invest in, or when to trade them, Jim Hunt usually has the answer. Hunt founded a company called Jim Hunt VTA Publications which publishes information on investing and financial planning advice, and he did so to help the “little guy” compete against the big banks. Hunt was interviewed by an independent blog called Ideamensch not long ago in which he explains how he’s gotten ideas for his company. Hunt listens to what his customers want, and once he’s researched and brainstormed an idea, he usually finds the solution when he’s relaxing. Jim Hunt recommends people become familiar with investing basics through reading books like Rich Dad, Poor Dad or Reminiscences of a Stock Operator.

Jim Hunt has no problem showing others how his investments work, and he’s published many YouTube videos detailing stock trade executions, and taking a look into investing during a bear market. “Wealth Wave” is a program he started up in which he explains how money is transferred in a bear market, and how two phone calls could change your fortune during such a period. He also started “Making Mum a Millionaire” detailing how just 10 trades could turn someone into a tax-free millionaire.

VTA Publications has been Hunt’s primary vehicle for his programs, and this company has put together several distance learning packages on to help new investors get started. If you’ve never used stock charts before, you can learn how in their course about learning to read them, and you can find out about little-known trading options through supplemental material on You may not have known that one of the oldest books, the bible has a lot to say about retirement planning in the course on the subject. Jim Hunt VTA Publications has put together several DVDs of seminars they’ve hosted with investment professionals from around the world, and you can purchase these DVDs in addition to the other courses by going to