Wealth solutions, founded by Richard Dwayne Blair, is a signed-up asset advice-giving firm established in Austin, Texas. The founder aimed to make a positive impact on peoples’ lives. For quite some time, Richard used his knowledge and understanding in retirement preparation in assisting his consumers to make their retirement plans a reality. By giving a hand to his consumers to help them avoid typical drawbacks and providing achievable strategies, he ensures his clients get their vision of successful retirement.

Richard Dwayne Blair trusts that each one requires preparation to aid them to achieve their financial goals. He aims at arming his members of the community with a commercial roadmap that aids in giving guidance through various obstacles in life. He also offers retirement scheduling and property management to consumers. For him to come up with an efficient financial sketch, he trails a triple pillar tactic. This makes it possible for him to monitor each consumer’s present financial status and his or her retirement requirements hence providing a more tactful plan.

The original pillar was set to outline the consumers’ financial roadmap. He would establish the path by pinpointing the consumers’ strengths, objectives, and threat tolerance and growth opportunities. This monetary phase is intended to aid him to put up a solid and durable relationship with consumers. It becomes possible for him to obtain a deeper knowledge of the consumers’ concerns and create clear hope.

The second one is aimed at building up a lasting and efficient investment plan that rhymes with the consumers’ distinct goals and requirements. Richard actively supervises and reallocates property to assist in ensuring maximum performance in times of upward market trend. On the other hand, the impact that gives negative influence on the consumers is minimized. Performance is hunted down and linked to the consumers and company’s expectations.

In the last pillar, he reviews with consumers the last pillar –insurance requirements only after he has determined a consumer’s financial aim and put in place tactics to ensure adequate growth. With this, one gets prepared for whatever stone life might throw on him/her. He assists his clients to get prepared for these situations with insurances both life and long-term care and with annuities.


The Academy of Art University Watches Alumni Thrive with Oscar Win

The Academy of Art University began classes in 1929. It was founded by Richard S. Stephens with only 45 students to start. It now hosts over 14,000 students and offers a variety of inclusive programs. Their motto is “Built by artists for artists”. They were mentioned by the Gazette in a recent article about one of the school’s alumni.

Coco is a popular animated film released by Disney-Pixar. The film won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature at this year’s Academy Awards. Daniel Arriaga is Senior Director for Pixar Animation Studios. He’s also a graduate of the Academy of Art University. Members of the Latino community celebrated this victory alongside Mr. Arriaga.

His Mexican heritage shone through in the colors of his animations. Coco has attained amazing success over the past five months. The storyline follows a boy who takes a brave journey during El Dios de Los Muertos celebration in Mexico. He travels to the Land of the Dead to discover his musical roots. This heartwarming adventure won the Oscar over two big animated films.

Daniel Arriaga’s culture, education, and animation experience prepared him for this moment. He advised their current students about how to achieve artistic success. He suggested they create amazing portfolios that showcase their skills and training to land them critical jobs in the creative industry. He explained the importance of keeping an open mind when just starting out. He stated that sacrifice, dedication, and hard work can lead them down a similar road of success.

He expanded about how the passion of his family background ignited the animations. Adding to that, Daniel Arriaga completed extensive research to gain a full scope of Mexican history.”Dia de Los Muertos” is Spanish for Day of the Dead. Animating this spectral festival required bright colors, flowers, spirits, and skeletons to dominate the scenes. These important images appear throughout the film. He attributes much of his success to the crucial skills he learned at the college.

The college prepares students for work in the fields of Art and Design. The Academy of Art University combines excellent personal teaching methods with a non-discriminatory policy. They teach the importance of discipline, individuality, and critical thinking in the creative job market.

The college’s exceptional growth is an expression of their high-quality educational services. The Academy of Art University cements its beliefs in a better community through volunteer work, environmental friendliness, and collaboration. Everything they do is influenced by the spirit of their city. They continue to thrive in one of the world’s most creative areas in the world.

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Malcolm Casselle; The Technology Guru.

Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) is an online platform where buyers and sellers can easily trade virtual assets with no investments in Security, infrastructure, and payment processing. WAX has made trading of virtual products smooth and efficient as it runs on a machine that uses smart decentralized contracts that make selling and buying safe.

Macolm Casselle

WAX has solved two longtime problems that have hindered online virtual transactions, fragmentation, and fraud. The new simple exchange widget has made it possible for gamers to trade their products without necessarily clicking out of a game. Before completion of any transaction, verification is carried out. The over 400 million online players will benefit significantly from WAX; they will have the power to create a new economy, own virtual assets, and be able to have the assets in their physical form. WAX is a subsidiary of OPSkins, the number one bitcoin merchant and virtual market in the world.

Malcolm Casselle is the CIO of OPSkins as well as the president of WAX. He is a learned fellow with two degrees in computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University. Malcolm has been in the technology industry for years and has worked in various companies where he has harnessed his skills and knowledge. He was the chief information officer and president of Tronc before he was called to serve at OPSkins. Malcolm oversaw rapid growth in the company by leveraging digital assets. Malcolm was also an employee at Timeline Labs, a company that determines the effect of displayed content to the public.

Becoming an accomplished entrepreneur involves investing in other corporations. Malcolm Casselle is a shareholder at Zynga, Facebook, and other technology companies. He is a founding partner at PCCW, a telecom firm based in Hong Kong, China. When the company was going public, Malcolm was part of the team that assisted in raising billions of shillings for the IPO and millions in private transactions; the conglomerate is now estimated to be worth $35 billion. He is also an investor in small start-ups. Malcolm has helped firms such as Xfire and MediaPass grow and achieve their expected goals.


US Money Reserve Teaches You to Save

At this time, everybody is scrambling to get their taxes in on time. The tax deadline is one of the most stressful periods in the United States of America. It is at this time that people find out if they’re getting any money back or if they’re going to owe the government a large chunk of money.

However the US Money Reserve has recently written an article that lets the reader know 10 easy ways that they can decrease their tax cost this year. Read more: US Money Reserve | Facebook and US Money Researve | Instagram

They begin by explaining that it is essential that you have multiple retirement accounts going on at one time. It is a little known fact that there is no mandate on how many retirement accounts somebody’s allowed to have. Unfortunately, many people do not know this and only use one retirement account for their money. The US Money Reserve says that you are losing a lot of tax benefits by only having one retirement account.

They go on to explain that you would be wise to open up another IRA account before the April 17 deadline. You then must specify that any contribution going to that will be for the 2017 year. This means that you can open the account now in 2018 and yet still receive the award for 2017.

The US Money Reserve then goes on to explain the you are entitled to give up to $5500 to each of these IRAs. Each amount you give decreases the amount of taxable income that you have. You can even open up an IRA for nonworking spouse so that they can be protected in their later years.

The US Reserve also goes on to explain that you are able to apply for savers credit that will come to you every single year. This means that up to 50% of your investments in your IRAs can come back to you as credit.

To put this in perspective, even if you only gave $5500 to one IRA that means that $2250 would come back to you as credit. This means you keep the $5500 and gained $2250. It is like they are paying you to get ready for retirement.

The US Money Reserve then ends by telling you the you should use your tax return to fund your IRA. If the government knows this it grants additional credit to pay any monetary amount owed.

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Enhanced Athlete Emerges Victorious in Legal Battle

The fitness company, Enhanced Athlete, has emerged victorious from a recent court battle over allegations that it had made false claims in its advertising campaign. The injunction came as part of a sweeping effort to reign in sports nutrition products as pharmaceutical-fitness conglomerates lose steam. Over 70 lawsuits have been filed by Nutrition Distribution against a whole host of fitness organizations as they attempt to retain their corner on the market. Nutrition Distribution’s claim is that as a leader in their industry, they have the exclusive right to sell and distribute products of a specific type, and assert that their brand has been harmed by the claims of other competing companies who make, distribute, and sell similar products.


Enhanced Athlete’s defense asserts that Nutrition Distribution is engaging in legal warfare against companies with whom they are in direct competition. They say Nutrition Distribution believes it can undermine the viability of its competitors by tying up their time and resources in court. Enhanced Athlete argues that there is no evidence Nutrition Distribution has suffered any damages due to their business practices and that they cannot show they are in danger of sustaining future damage for the same reason. A U.S. District Court of California has denied Nutrition Distribution’s injunction, clearing Enhanced Athlete of any and all alleged wrongdoing.


Scott Cavell, CEO of Enhanced Athlete, released the following statement, “Enhanced Athlete is not going to fall victim to this shakedown scheme by Nutrition Distribution. As long as fitness companies like Enhanced Athlete pay these types of settlements, Nutrition Distribution will continue shaking down their competition.”


Enhanced Athlete is a full-service fitness company that markets products and services to the serious, dedicated athlete. Their primary customer base is the bodybuilding community. However, their products and services are designed to be well suited to athletes in any sport where power, speed, endurance, and nutrition play an important role. Enhanced Athlete’s sister companies, Enhanced Coaching and Enhanced Gear, support and augment EA’s function as a full-service professional athlete’s go-to for any and all performance fitness needs.


In today’s exploding health and fitness industry, many reigning mega-corporations are becoming increasingly desperate to maintain a stranglehold on the market. But as manufacturing technology and information becomes ever more democratized- entities like EA gain an increasing ability to bring innovative new fitness solutions to market. And now, the bigger players have one less weapon in their legal arsenal with which to stop them.

Meet The Founder Of Neogama: Alexandre Gama

Multiple factors lead to success. Among them is not settling for less and wanting more in our field. With the high levels of technology, the advertising agency is among the most important sectors in the country.

The business people have to find an advertising agency that is creative enough to attract traffic on their goods. The agency helps in convincing buyers why your goods and services are different and special from others existing in the market.

The communication and advertisement agency has not always been that superior, but some individuals saw the future of the industry and stuck to it. Alexandre Gama is a pioneer in the field of advertising.

He joined the career in 1982. After many years of employment, he decided to move to the next level. He is now the founder of Neogama, which has been listed among the best advertising agencies in Brazil. As a result of his skills and experience, the company grew at a very high rate.

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The Progressive Growth Southridge Capital Has Made Through Its Trustworthy Leaders

Anyone thinking about a company with immense expertise in diversified holding issues would first think about Southridge Capital LLC. Headquarter for this company happens to be in Connecticut that is located in the U.S northern region. The company has exceptional financial paths and options for most of the clients in need. You cannot lack nice messages from the Southridge Capital’s Facebook since 2010 spring. The company’s team is keen on the quality of the topics it posts there. Most of the posted messages and topics are meant to increase the client base for the company. Some of the topics the company discusses include finance, charity, medical care, non-profit groups, local programs and equity deals.

The company has been in existence for over 20 years now and it has over 250 public firms that have benefited from it financially. As a result of this, the company has a better understanding of the kind of sophisticated problems most expanding businesses and companies go through. Most clients want to get knowledge on corporate tasks from and the team willingly guides these clients. Any business intending to become a public entity should first seek help and guidance from this company. The company would also show such a business how to handle balance sheets more effectively and accurately.

Most of the services Southridge offers revolve around structured finance and efficient advisory. Most people know that the company has the most skilled employees when it comes to restructuring financial evaluations, assessing bankruptcy guidance and balance sheet improvement. The employees in this company have adequate expertise and knowledge in significant mergers and acquisitions. PR Newswire confirms that most clients appreciate the financial help they get from this company. The company’s finance specialists are properly structured on securitization, credit strengthening, and financing options.

At Southridge Capital, you will find the most detail-oriented and diligent leaders who make the company’s management crew. Stephen Hicks happens to be a respected founder and CEO of the company. He is in charge of the company’s strategic concepts and he is good at managing the business development issues of the firm. Some of the other trustworthy leaders who have contributed to the company’s immense growth include Linda Carlsen, Lawrence J. Ditkoff, Henry B. Sargent and Nadine Persaud. Visit the website,


Lawrence Bender Raised the Bar with Reservoir Dogs

Lawrence Bender became an overnight sensation in Hollywood thanks to his work on Reservoir Dogs, the Quentin Tarantino inaugural hit. This movie set the expectations high for both Quentin Tarantino and Lawrence Bender, and their subsequent works certainly did not disappoint. While many people remember this film for its radical approach to violence and casual dialogue juxtaposed in the same scene, many people forget about just how compelling the plot was and the incredible vision it took to bring this story together. It wasn’t until after the release of Pulp Fiction two years later that this film achieved widespread appreciation.

The general plot of the movie involved a major diamond heist that was orchestrated by eight men, none of whom trust each other. This band of misfit uses aliases to communicate with one another and reveal few details about their sordid pasts. After the robbery, some of the men become suspicious that there is either a leak or undercover policeman within their ranks. This leads to some fairly gruesome scenes involving torture and coarse language. Most of the action takes place after the heist is completed, and there are plenty of shooting scenes for those who appreciate high-paced action. All of the characters play an integral role in unwinding how the perfect crime started to unravel.

Lawrence Bender’s upbringing did not necessarily show any signs that he would become one of the greatest producers of all time and receive three Oscar nominations. His childhood in New Jersey was relatively uneventful. He still publicly acknowledges what a wonderful education he received at the University of Miami. Lawrence Bender took his career in an unexpected direction since receiving his degree in civil engineering. He tried out classical dance, but his time on stage was cut short by an injury. It was that unfortunate event that propelled him into the world of film.

He worked as a grip on the set of several movies. He eventually tried out producing in 1989 with Intruder. Since his early success, he has gone on to produce dozens of films and television series. He was honored in 2013 by the University of Maine with an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree.

Can OSI Food Solutions Maintain Its Dominance in Food Services

The foodservice industry is one of the most competitive industries on earth because everyone has to eat. This industry is made-up of small companies, and it’s made-up of large companies, but all aren’t the same. OSI Food Solutions just so happens to be one of the larger companies in specific industry, and it has been able to deliver on the goods. OSI Food Solutions is immense in size, immense in capability and immense in profits. As of now, the company is worth an estimated $9 billion. Forbes has ranked the Aurora-based company on numerous occasions as it seems to be climbing the ranks very quickly. In 2011, OSI generated over $3 billion in revenue, but in 2016, it generated well-over $6 billion.

CEO Sheldon Lavin has been a major reason for the success. This extraordinary many is a natural-born leader. With over 40 years of experience, he has brought decades and decades of expertise to OSI’s table. Thanks to being so dedicated as well as being very persistent in his actions, he was able to win the Globe of Honour Award in 2016. Lavin was presented with the award by the British Safety Council at London’s prestigious Drapers’ Hall. OSI Food Solutions’ dominance can sustain itself without ever having to grow any further. It has built a rock-solid foundation, and its infrastructure is well-intact. The company has many factories in the United States. This includes factories in California, in Utah, in Wisconsin and in Iowa. On a worldwide scale, OSI has factories in Poland, in Germany, in Brazil, in Canada, in Japan, in China, in the Netherlands and in Australia.

To add some insult to injury, OSI Food Solutions takes care of every aspect of this business. Logistics is a major player when it comes to food services and half of the competition doesn’t posses the attributes to be as efficient as possible. OSI covers the entire range of the logistical process, which includes processing, development, management and sourcing. All in all, OSI Food Solutions is definitely the top food provider of today, and it appears to be the top food provider for the coming years.

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The Volcanic Refreshment of Waiakea Water

Waiakea water is a Hawaiian-based bottled water company originally founded in 2012. Unlike many filtering processes that exist within the industry, Waiakea looked to approach their product from a different perspective. Using real Hawaiian volcanic water from the Mauna Lao volcano, Waiakea’s product is unlike anything else available on the market today. Their mission is to deliver the highest quality beverage to its consumers and to do so with the greatest amount of respect and care to the environment. Many competing companies often look to their bottom line to drive their business model. Waiakea’s dedication is to the land that produces their product and to the employees who work every day to deliver its product to their devout consumers.

One-way Waiakea is making a difference and setting a new standard for the industry is by using low emission vehicles to deliver their products. Carbon emissions are an on-going issue for the environment as the demand for global commerce increases every year. Waiakea is focused on doing their part by producing the least amount of carbon bi-product as possible during the transportation process. It is unavoidable for growing companies to have no impact on the environment with the transportation methods in today’s world, but Waiakea stays committed to adhering to their model of putting the environment ahead of their own financial interests. Another way they implement this standard is by giving a percentage of their revenues to local charities and non-profit organizations. They also donate their product to places in need, most notably countries on the African continent, which are in desperate need of a constant supply of fresh water.

Waiakea approaches another problem within the water bottle industry, which is obviously, the water bottle itself. Every year, billions of water bottles are used by consumers as the demand for purified water increases. Not all of these units will reach the recycling center and many will be discarded into landfills or onto the Earth’s surface. It is estimated that it takes roughly one-thousand years for the standard water bottle to decompose. Waiakea’s bottle was designed to decompose in roughly fifteen years and will hopefully set the standard for all water bottle companies to follow in the years to come.