Savvy Brands Such as Fabletics Tap Into the Power of Reviews

Brands that are savvy and are tuned into the behavior of customers are starting to pay attention to the power of the crowd. Fabletics, for example, has leveraged the power of the crowd to boost their performance. They have achieved a growth rate of over 200% since 2013. Fabletics and other companies know that consumers are relying on online reviews to research various products and companies and make purchasing decisions based on that research. Consumers trust these online reviews, and by having great online reviews a company can get more sales and increase their customers.


As more and more people are connected to the internet through their smartphones, the reviews that are posted online by other consumers are playing a larger role in the purchasing decisions of other customers, who now trust these reviews in large numbers. In effect, they are outsourcing the research to other customers who have already purchased the product that they are considering purchasing. Reviews that are posted online have as much weight as recommendations from people they know. This is according to a study by BrightLocal.


Customers see safety and trust in online reviews. They mistrust messages that brands are putting out through traditional advertising methods. They are more willing to consider what other customers are saying based on their own experience than what brands and companies are promising in their marketing materials. The majority of customers will take negative reviews into account and possibly not purchase an item they have been considering purchasing, which shows that online reviews do have a great impact on the purchasing decisions of customers. Online reviews are important because many customers are researching products online on a frequent basis. Many are doing it many times a month, and the majority of customers are already relying on online reviews to find out whether they should buy a product or not.


Brands and companies are not blind to this trend. More and more companies are starting to use online reviews and testimonials on their websites and in their marketing materials. Online reviews and testimonials are a very commonplace feature when it comes to sales pages and online marketing. They know that even if they sell their products offline and they distribute it to stores, online reviews still matter. This is because customers who purchase products in stores still go on their phones to search for online reviews about products that they are considering purchasing. In fact, customers do this more often than they do price comparisons in stores.


Kate Hudson was there at the party where people were celebrating the launch of Fabletics. In fact, she got the red carpet treatment. Many celebrities love Fabletics because it empowers women and helps them look better and feel better no matter what their size is. Fabletics does indeed have the goal of being empowering and inclusive. This has helped them grow into a business that is worth 250 million dollars in just 3 years.

Eric Lefkofsky

“At some point, the dream is so intoxicating that I’m compelled to do everything In my power to make the dream a reality.” It is not a surprise that such a powerful statement came from such a focused and driven entrepreneur. Eric Lefkofsky started his venture to success after graduating the University of Michigan Law School in 1993. He went from starting a small apparel business, to later co-founding and leading fruitful companies such as Innerworkings, ECHO and Mediaocean. In 2015, Lefkofsky became the Chairman of Groupon, a company whose services are used by millions of people around the globe. After leaving his position at Groupon in 2016, he later co-founded Tempus. This company encourages eradicating cancer through invigorative technology.

Tempus, which Eric Lefkofsky is currently serving as the CEO, allows doctors and healthcare professionals to find the best molecular and clinical treatment for their patients. Through analyzing each patient’s genetic code and genetic sequencing through machinery, the healthcare provider provides treatment as unique as the patient. In regards to his company, Lefkofsky stated: “We built a system to help physicians in clinic analyze incredible amounts of data and make real-time decisions to more effectively treat patients.” As the CEO of a company that wants to help patients with cancer, it is not a surprise that Lefkofsky has his own foundation dedicated to helping generous organizations help others.

Since 2006, Eric Lefkofsky’s private Foundation, the Lefkofsky Family Foundation (LFF), has assisted with a plethora of charitable programs. with strengthening research, enterprises and programs. By doing so, they assisted with strengthening education, encouraging the importance of human rights, exploring vast cultures and striving to improve medical research. Along with his wife, Liz Lefkofsky, Eric Lefkofsky has given millions of grant money to public schools in Chicago, non-profit organizations, and cancer research organizations. Also, they have promoted creative and arts by donating to museums and art centers in the Chicago area.

Eric Lefkofsky is more than a businessman and entrepreneur. He is a philanthropist that his dedicated a large part of his life to advancing cancer treatment, as well as serving organizations through Grant funding. To find out more about what Eric Lefkofsky is accomplishing, visit his website,

Bank gives Dallas Women Leadership and Economic Security Programs a $100,000 Boost

The Dallas-based financial institution, NexBank SSB, donated $100,000 as sponsorship for the 32nd Annual Luncheon of the Dallas Women’s Foundation held on Friday, October 20th, 2017. The enormous financial donation was clear proof of NexBank SSB’s management belief in women’s leadership and the need to empower women economically.

In 2017, Dr. Hope Jahren, one of the TIME Magazine’s Top 100 Influential People, gave a keynote address at the yearly Dallas Women’s Foundation held at the Hilton Anatole Hotel, Dallas. Dr. Hope Jahren is a best-selling author and an award-winning scientist. More than 10,000 students in 20 schools across North Texas received Dr. Jahren’s keynote address live stream.

Dallas Women’s Foundation Annual Conference

Over 1,300 civic, community, and business leaders attended the NexBank-sponsored 2017 Dallas Women’s Foundation Annual Conference. As the world’s biggest regional women’s fund, Dallas Women’s Foundation is a model organization championing affirmative economic and programs for women and girls.

The 2017 Dallas Women’s Foundation Annual Conference sponsor, NexBank SSB, has 6.4 billion worth of assets. With a charter dating back to 1922, NexBank is a leading regional provider of mortgage banking, institutional services, and commercial banking. NexBank clients include financial institutions, corporations, and individuals across the United States.

Commercial Real Estate property Lending

NexBank SSB, which enjoys an A financial health rating, is a division of the larger NexBank Capital, Inc. and is the 179th biggest U.S. bank and 12th largest in Texas. As a leading commercial real estate property lending institution, NexBank offers real estate developers a variety of specialized financing options to help in development, construction, refinancing and acquisition.

For several decades, NexBankhas been a trusted financial partner to U.S. institutions on the journey towards maximizing profits, expanding markets, and improving production and managerial efficiencies. As shown in the Dallas Women’s Foundation Annual and NetBank, the professionals in NexBank possess vast experience and unique expertise to help clients achieve their financial goals and vision.

NexBank Credit Services department provides the Texas and other nationwide communities the opportunities to diversify a portfolio and quite attractive yields on savings. NexBank is the financial lender many institutions consult for distressed syndicated and traditional debts.

Is Online Therapy Worth It & Is Talkspace The Solution?

Online therapy is probably one of the most advanced services of the 21st century. The standard approach for receiving such service is generally face to face, but oh how times have changed. Talkspace is the new solution for handling your emotional and mental anguish. These services can be participated in from any location as long as there is an internet connection. You’ll never need to personally visit any personal therapist. Whether you’re in a café, in a school, on the road or at your house, Talkspace is always right at your fingertips.

The only things you’ll need to do is to register and then get an assessment. Talkspace’s customer support is top-notch, and it will match you with the very best possible therapist that will fit your needs. All of the guesswork is completely taking out of the equation. Are you experiencing the death of a loved one? Are you extremely fearful of a situation? Are you currently having anxiety attacks? If you answered yes to any of the questions above then you could definitely benefit from Talkspace. The formula isn’t hard to understand and the long list of happy clients will back up all claims.

Thanks to the brilliant innovative app, Talkspace provides the user with unlimited text support. That’s right! If the issue is much more deeper then you should surely schedule a personal video chat. Every base has been covered. Talkspace is rewriting the books on contemporary therapist sessions. Just think about it, individuals will receive prompt answers. There won’t be any time-consuming traveling from area to area. Ninety-nine dollars per week provides you with the very best of services, but $32 per week will get you started with its standard service. So, is online therapy worth it? The answer is simply yes, and Talkspace has laid a blueprint for all to follow.

A Comprehensive Overview of Boraie Development and New Jersey’s Real Estate Condition

For some time, surging real estate markets have been at the core of the US crisis. Recently, the problem appeared to be moving to New Jersey, which has posed a threat to the recovery of the housing sector in the area. In fact, Zillow, a renowned real estate tracking company, stated that New Jersey had trumped other states based on its high rates and shares of residential mortgages, which are highly delinquent and in foreclosure. For this reason, the New Jersey real estate market situation is dragging the nation significantly.

Lawrence Yun, the National Association of Realtors’ realtor chief economist, hinted about the possibility of an increment in housing shortage. He stressed this point by saying the situation may turn into a housing emergency, especially if the gap between housing demand and housing supplies continue widening. The drop in building permits in May has caused economists to be pessimistic that the decline could further increase in the oncoming months.

New Jersey ‘s real estate sector has shown signs of a rebirth, claims Various economic reports and Zillow attributed this reason to the anticipation of an increment in home prices. As such, households expect the house selling conditions to improve shortly. Also, away from house shortages, there are numerous vacant homes and houses, which are still being held off the real estate market shelves. The reason for this situation is the expectation of future gains from the market.

Boraie Development in Brief

Boraie Development is undeniably the foremost and well sought after development company in the New Jersey area. The company has carved an image for itself in the real estate segment through its wide array of services that target different fields of the urban real estate market. Furthermore, Boraie Development focuses on the creation of projects that attract tenants, financial partners and residents who are devoted to a long-term relationship with the company. The company also boasts an experienced team of professionals who are committed to creating outstanding properties coupled with unmatched services to clients.

Partnering with leading financial institutions as well as qualified contractors and architects with vision is Omar Boraie’s strongest forte. Thanks to this impressive attribute, the company has developed several properties including the latest one dubbed The Aspire. The project consists of 238 residential units with various features such as indoor bike storage, a state of the art fitness space and an attached parking facility. Aside from residential projects, is known for other different project types including student housing, retail, hotel assets and mixed use. The above information can be obtained from Philly Purge.

Securus Technologies Giving Officers an Edge in Prison

One of the things that me and my fellow corrections officers have lost in our prison is the edge to anticipate trouble. Part of the reason has to do with the overcrowded conditions, the other has to do with rival gangs being so close to each other now without those boundaries that used to be in place. Inmates are not only lashing out at each other, they are now trying to get their points across by going after officers, guests, and other prison staff. This year we turned to Securus Technologies to help us get back some degree of order in our jail.


Securus Technologies has been key at helping officers working in prisons to stop violence, and it all has to do with their jail house call monitoring system. This new technology is able to scan every call made on the prison phones by inmates without officers having to sit in that call center to do so. The LBS software will now do all the work more thoroughly, giving any prison the chance to have their full force of officers back on the grounds and taking care of business like in years gone by.


Securus Technologies has this same system in over 2,550 prisons around the country, and the results speak for themselves. We saw a huge drop in violence in the first year of getting our call monitoring system. Case in point, if an inmate asks his elderly parents to bring prescription drugs to the guest center, we remove the contraband at the gate. When inmates get instructions from street-level gang member pertaining to a hit on a rival gang member in jail, we separate the parties and resolve the issue internally.


With more of our team on the front lines now, we feel we have the tools now to stay ahead of issues that could put anyone behind these walls at risk.


Forex Expert Greg Secker’s Journey to a Great Trainer

Greg Secker is a prominent master trader, business person, international speaker and also a philanthropist. He was born in 1975 and happens to be the youngest forex trader to have been that successful. He is the owner of the famous Knowledge to Action Group which was created in the year 2003. The group has got so many forex training companies in it. Some of these companies are Learn to Trade. The business has its offices in London, Sydney, and Johannesburg in South Africa and also in Manila.

It is the leading forex training company in the World. SmartCharts Software is another company which he established and is used to provide the latest news in the world of trading. Capital Index is also another brokerage firm. The other one is FX Capital. He also happens to be the lucky owner of the famous not for profit organization called The Greg Secker Foundation which he has used his resources towards improving the livelihoods of people living across the globe. He has a great passion for helping the people with certain needs in the society.

Greg Secker besides being a leading forex trainer is also a great author and has written best-selling forex books across the globe. The books have helped potential traders understand the basics of trading very well, and he seems not to give up on his journey. He has tirelessly worked for his achievement in the forex sector. As a trainer, he has been able to attend over 1000 meetings and has been able to train over 200,000 people through seminars and workshops.

Greg Secker is that person worth listening to every person who is interested in changing his or her future for the better. He happens to have been the youngest Vice President of a company. He was the VP of Mellon Financial Corporation at just 23 years. At the company, he was able to trade in the company of some of the greatest forex traders across the globe. That is when he started to trade with his accounts practically. His account grew very well until he decided to quit and start trading independently from his living room.

Rocketship Education Has Expanded To Washington, DC

Rocketship Education is a charter operator based in Northern California. The organization opened its first school in 2007 and has since gained national attention because of its strong test scores and ability to keep administrative costs low by utilizing a blended learning approach.

Being that Rocketship Education was birthed in the Silicon Valley, they rely heavily on technology when it comes to educating their students.

This has been a big point of controversy but hasn’t stopped the organization from moving forward with its mission to provide a quality education to low income students.

If anything it has only strengthened their resolve and opened their minds to opening locations all over the country.

In 2013 the D.C. Public Charter School Board voted in favor of allowing Rocketship Education to open up to 8 schools in the district. The first school, which opened in 2016, is located in Ward 8, one of the most run down parts of the district.

Opponents have come out against this project as they believe the school is in an unsafe area and it will be in direct competition with some schools in the D.C. Public School system.

Jacque Patterson, the regional director at Rocketship Education, said this charter hopes to operate as a neighborhood school for the children who live in Ward 8.

In its first year the school was home to 350 students in kindergarten through second grade. Eventually the school hopes to run through 4th grade.

Administrators at the new Rocketship school hope parents will be very active in what’s going on at the school.

They even have plans to build a room where parents can get access to computers and the internet. This will allow parents to look for jobs and submit applications while they are on campus with their children.

One of Rocketships main goals is to show parents how to advocate for their children after they leave Rocketship.

Officials from the school plan to visit the homes of each student and have various events for the parents to attend. The idea is to create an environment where the students and parents can grow together.

Vincent Parascandola: The Ultimate Sales Mogul

Vincent Parascandola is the senior executive vice president for AXA US which is located in Woodbridge, New Jersey. He has been in this position since October 2014.

AXA US is responsible for the development and growth of more than 225 financial experts. They train and recruit new advisors to the organization and overall sales growth by improving the producers’ productivity while keeping good profit margins. They also have offices in Manasquan and Morristown.

Parascandola’s Past Experience

For about 10 years now, Parascandola has been with AXA. From January 2013 to October 2014, he was the company’s continental division chief sales officer and president where he was responsible for recruiting, sales, profitability, and productivity of the company’s 46 US branch offices. From July 2009 to December 2012, he was the company’s continental division president. In this position, he was responsible for the company’s branch offices in Northeast US and branches in Hawaii and California. He worked in recruiting, sales, human resources, compliance, expense management, management development, and operations. From 2009 to March 2010, he was the company’s Advantage Group president. Check out Alumnius for more info.

Parascandola has been in the industry for over 25 years. He started his career in 1987 with Prudential Life as an agent. He was recognized as the National Rookie of the Year. In 1990, he worked for the MONY Life Insurance Company. He held various regional and local field management positions with this company. He started working for AXA in 2004. For more details visit Crunchbase to see more.

Educational Endeavors

When it comes to education achievements, he earned a BS degree from the Pace University in New York. Vincent recently gave a commencement speech at his alma mater to the 2014. You can visit his Vimeo account to see more.

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Karl Heideck Recent Press Work

Karl Heideck name has recently been a familiar name along the corridors of justice. Karl is one individual who has dedicated his entire life to the pursuit of truth for that individual who is experiencing legal oppression.

Karl Heideck is a force of reckoning because of his influence on most of the exciting legal developments in Philadelphia, PA. Karl graduated from Swarthmore College with a degree in education arts in 2003. He later proceeded to study law at Temple University and finally graduated in 2009 with a Juris Doctorate.

Karl Heideck is an active lawyer with ten years’ experience. Karl has extensive expertise in the area of civil and commercial judicial proceeding, corporate law, employment law, arbitration, intellectual property, and appeals. Karl is known for his extensive research on critical cases, which allows him to build a strong case for his client. Karl Heideck understands that Law is dynamic; thus he always researches on most recent legal matter ready to represent clients with reliable and aggressive legal facts. Karl Heideck possesses creative skills that allow for insightful questioning and diplomatic negotiation that can help clients to solve their cases without going to court.

Karl Heideck had previously worked with two prominent law firm as an associate before he launched his practice. He is a renowned prolific writer with a blog that seeks to explain contemporary legal development and practice. He recently wrote on his blog an article which aims to applaud the improved car seat law enacted by the Pennsylvanian state. He argued that the law will help reduce premature deaths among babies from car seats. The law requires the seats to be secured and facing the rear of the car. The penalty for this act put at $125. Also, Karl wrote an article which focused on exploring the impact of Philadelphia’s Soda Tax. Karl argued that the tax is going to impact the society especially the low-income individuals negatively. Jobs will get lost, and ultimately the city will suffer revenue deficit.

Karl Heideck enjoys working with clients from a diverse background, with anticipation of solving severe legal problems. Karl Heideck is a skillful attorney who works as a Hire Counsel contract lawyer and helps clients with business-related cases. Several clients have benefited from his legal services. Karl is often consulted to give his expert advice on risk management and also regulatory compliance. Karl Helideck is a lawyer to be proud of. Karl is available for compliance consultation and even representation of companies and private citizens.